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Message Subject If you are addicted to porn quit now!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What is the difference between wanking regulary and say a guy who has sex with different women regularly? Are you just saying porn is the problem or sex with a different women on a regular basis as well? Im confused.
 Quoting: jerkoff126 6409759

sex is not the problem it self, but porn is because it creates an artifical stimuli, i developed a tolerance for porn it doesnt get me off at all anymore, sadly to say i lost all love and feelings for girls, u become desensetized. this doesnt hapen with real sex
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18850513

I believe porn is responsible for a lot of men hating on women now days. They start to see all women as sluts, it's very damaging.

Good luck to you OP!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28746886

Really? Porn did that? Really? Only Porn?

1. Rap Music - Bitches and Hos constant references
2. Sex and the City - Do you know how many girls try to pattern their lives on that show.
3. Every fucking reality show on television with girls behaving like dumb sluts and whores.

But only porn is to blame right?

Porn Addiction is the new buzz word. There will always be something that take the blame for men not being able to close a deal, meet a girl, maintain a relationship. Porn is an easy target for complaints. It isn't the porn. It is the viewer. If you are so weak that seeing people have sex so controls your life that you can't live without it. You are a pathetic worthless waste of life and you should just sack up and kill yourself.

Here is a reality. Men watch porn. Women watch porn. Women watch porn to get turned on and get off. Sometimes to learn new tricks. Men watch porn because they are seeking stimulation for their masturbation sessions. They are masturbating because they can't get laid. They can't get laid because they have no social skills to attract a mate.
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