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Message Subject If you are addicted to porn quit now!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Porn Addiction is very real guys!! If you watch porn daily you are addicted!!! I became addicted to this horrible drug at 12 years old im 21 and for three years Ive been trying to quit this shit and Ive had insane withdrawals like crack probably worse because I also had physical withdrawls... its hell!!

Please if you watch porn stop please do it for your self and for your family!! i became heavily addicted because i started watching online porn at 13 years old...Its going to take me a long time of abstinence from both porn and masturbation but i know ill recover!!

The longer you watch it the worse its going to feel quitting..i relapsed many times trying to quit
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18850513

its not funny shit guys....I can barely feel emotions still its like being a fucking zombie! I thought it was normal my friend watched it too! i never realized how truly damaging it was until I started to feel like a soul less robot detached from humanity...this was at my lowest point in the addiction like 3 years ago

Now that i havent watched it a much, im rediscovering human relationships all over again!! Im more confident i used to be an anxious, nervous, awkward wreck around people...I was not like this as a kid i was extremely outgoing before!!! people i used to know wonder what happened to me..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18850513

sex is not the problem it self, but porn is because it creates an artifical stimuli, i developed a tolerance for porn it doesnt get me off at all anymore, sadly to say i lost all love and feelings for girls, u become desensetized. this doesnt hapen with real sex
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18850513

OP, I have quoted your comments so they can be viewed together with my response.

You are 21 years old, and you openly admit that you were looking at porn since you were a child. Basically, you are openly admiting that you have been online for at least 9 years of your life. Hate to break it to you, but porn is not the reason you lack the ability to create human relationships, but really it is your addiction to being online.

People are always very quick to claim an addiction to excuse a lacking in themselves. You went through puberty and when you should have been out trying to get some pussy, you would just dial up and see anything and everything that you were unable to get in real life.

Quitting pornography is not the answer that you need. It is not the solution to your problems. You are simply trading one addiction for another. By completely avoiding porn you are not learning how to deal with the real issue.

It is like an alcoholic. They quit drinking completely rather than being able to develop self control where they can have one drink and then stop themselves. That is mastery of the self.

Your lack of emotional feeling has nothing to do with porn, it has to do with your inability to completely open yourself to another person due to fear of rejection complicated by societies increasing dependance on lack of personal interaction.

You send emails, you send text messages, you post on forums, you post on social media sites, at the very most, you might make a phone call, but your generation doesn't even like to do that. Is there any wonder you have no interpersonal skills? Go out and talk to people. Guess what, there are nursing homes full of elderly people that would be delighted to have you just sit and talk to their residents. Learn to play cards, it helps. By the way, many of those patients have grand daughters around the same age as you, and if they refuse to come see their grandparents in the nursing home, guess what, they are worthless pieces of shit and you don't want them in your life any way.

There are going to be 5000 studies that will explain why online porn is bad, and is the source of your problems, but that is because pornography is an easy target. It is much harder to get approval for a study to explain why text messaging, emails, video games, and instant entertainment is really to blame.

This is an example.

I own a cell phone. A girl sends me a text message. I get it, I call her. She doesn't answer. She sends me a text message to chat. I call her again. Once again she doesn't answer and sends another text.

Interpretation: She is with other people, and she is so fucking rude that she will send text messages while she should be paying attention to the person she is with and impolite enough to not excuse herself for a moment and take the call and inform her caller she is occupied. But she is not occupied enough to prevent her sending text messages.

My response. After the second call and only getting text message replies, I send 1 text message that reads, If you wish to interact with me, we will do it in person or via a phone conversation, not by text messages. If this is not acceptable, then please delete my number because I don't do text dating.

The same is true for smart phones. I have abandoned 5 girls on dates. I give them one warning. The first time they check their phone I ask if it is an emergency. If they say no, I make a production of turning off my phone and make it known my phone will not disturb our date. The next time they check their phone I get up, I find my server, pay my portion of the tab, and I leave her at the restaurant and drive away. I'm sure who she was texting will be happy to come pick her up. For the record, 2 of those girls I ended up dating, and they never pulled their phones out again.


Your issue is not porn. It is your excuse. Take command of your life, and when you want a peek at some double anal gang bang sluts feel free to take a perusal, rub one out, and then turn off the electronics, and go interact with the real world.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20795790

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