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Subject Is it possible that Count Saint Germiane is still alive today & if he is does he post on GLP?
Poster Handle YOUCITY
Post Content
Does anyone here think he's still alive ?

I think if he is still alive , and even if he dosnt post on GLP that he atleast looks at it every now and then. Which then leads me to think , why wouldn't he chime in from time to time, if he saw something that really sparked his intrest, which probbly isn't easy to do, then why wouldn't he say something?

He's got a lot to do with a lot it seems. He kind of makes me think of GWB, didn't wanna say "reminds me" because he dosnt remind me off him but they do seem to both be driven by something. One name comes up more times than any other name when you research these "conspiracy theories" which have taken place in the past 60 + years that GWBs criminal career. Which brings me back to the Count Saint Germiane , his name seems to pop up more often than any other when researching certain stories & events which have helped shape the world in the past 500 + years.He seemed to be very interested in France and the outcome of events there such as the French Revolution. I wonder why?
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