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Message Subject Need help from GLP tech geeks
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
any body has access to "the technology". its called a radio. there's also the possibility the truck (assuming they actually have anything to do with it) is driven by somebody who has electronics skills, and they just purpose built a device. but, even more likely, how about they just have a sears remote, and just drive around hitting the button? the vast majority of door openers here in my area are sears, especially if the house is over 20 years old (the opener is likely to have been replaced). if there are 20 potential codes(freq/pulse combos) a rapid thumbing of the button will result in several "hits" as you drive slowly through a close packed residential area. if the door opens, the driveway and garage are both empty, and some reasonably valuable, easily loadable swag is evident, bingo. a pair of remotes would increase the likelihood of a "hit", and still be fairly easy to manipulate. there is also the possibility that it has happened completely innocently. i used to drive cabs that used trunk system radios back in the late 80s, and keying the mic in close proximity to toyota and nissan vehicles with a factory alarm system would trigger them. a further possibility is some source completely unrelated to the pickup was the culprit, and the poor fool just happened to be looking for an address at an inopportune moment. the only real defense is to unplug the opener. if you live close to an airforce base, that could actually be the culprit, as over the years ive heard of spontaneous operation of groups of openers at the same time, ALWAYS near such a base.
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