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Message Subject Need help from GLP tech geeks
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
As if the bad guys can't lift the door themselves. Duh.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12432310

Get a lock duh.
 Quoting: Rochelle

I have a lock. Ever hear of a drill?

Look, I appreciate all your advice, but the economy is making people desperate for cash. They'll do anything to make a quick buck.

Again, I just want to know if there's any way I prevent these guys from accessing my freakin' garage door opener frequency and opening the f*cking door!

Off to sleep now - restless as it will be.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12432310

ok, that is just about the most paranoid idea ive ever heard. do you honestly think a residential burglar with even a single operating braincell is going to drill a garage door lock? as rapid an operation as it can be, there is NO legitimate non-suspicious reason for somebody to be drilling your lock out. anybody seeing it would immediately be suspicious, especially if you werent in evidence.it's a small pickup. that means 2 people at most. not a stickup team, but burglar/s. there is no guarantee (because of the rolling codes) that your door opening today will also open tomorrow. it's an opportunity crime. IF the door opens, there are no cars, and there is an easily loadable money maker in evidence (lawnmower, snap-on toolbox, bunch of power tools, etc) it offers the opportunity of a 2 minute in and out haul. such an opportunity gives a reasonable expectation of success. the fact that it occurred on a monday evening, at 8pm (a time/day combination where the majority of homes ARE likely to be occupied), is actually indicative of an unintentional triggering, or a couple of imbecile kids fucking around for shits and giggles. that said, just unplug your opener, and use the manual lock. give it a month, and if there is no incident in the area (or the perps get busted), it's reasonably safe to plug it back in. if you really want to go all paranoid/ fucktard about it, install a medico rim mount cylinder for your garage door lock (they are pretty much undrillable, and incredibly pick resistant).
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