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Message Subject Disturbing Illuminati Code Symbolism On Superbowl Websites
Poster Handle fetus
Post Content
super bowl= 15
nuclear bomb= 15

Foot balls are round, like a bomb.
All of those guys are wearing what seems to be protective armor..hmmmm...I wonder if they know something about a NUCLEAR BOMB IN THE STADIUM!!?!?!?

Steelers are from the root word "steel" and what are nuclear bomb casings made from??? STEEL!!!

Notice how they are sponsored by Pepsi...What happens when you shake a can of pepspsi then open it? IT EXPLOSDES!!

Finally, If you count all the letters on [link to www.superbowl.com] , it comes to a total of 538 letters, The exact half life of nuclear radiation! Also, notice the hex combo of that color blue... 6600F1 = 666!!

youre on to something big dude!
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