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Message Subject Hello Christians and believers in the Truth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Oh, and one more thing: watch out for the Catholic church. The people are really devout, and usually decent, but the leaders are self absorbed and evil.

The New Testament (especially the Revelation of John) is full of little riddles talking about evil forces, and to date have all been fufilled to a 'T' by the catholic church. They've altered the original 10 commandments, and changed the day of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. Openly. They worship idols. Pretty much the MAIN things the bible warns you to avoid are within the Catholic church, and the vatican.

Money and power are their aims, not God. I would sternly recommend you avoid joining any Catholic churches. Again...you can/will find Him through praying, and reading a little scripture here and there. Start with the 4 Gospels, or the stories of the life of Jesus Christ.

I'm sorry if any Catholics here are offended by me saying this, but honestly, with everything you've learned, you should know better about the Vatican. When He said, "Come out of her my people", I'm still torn between wether it means the Catholic church, or America itself. Well, one is certainly a little easier to escape, and a little quicker to show it's true colours if you look for them.
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