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Message Subject Hello Christians and believers in the Truth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Pray to the heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ. Talk to him as the loving Father that he is. Tell him your worst secrets, repent and ask Jesus to lead you, to literally come into your heart. Be thankful(verbally) all through each day, praise Jesus for every blessing you have. Notice your blessings and declare them as God given. Hold Jesus in your mind as your leader, redeemer, savior, from whence all you need comes. Tell him you love him. Think about this...we all want and desperately need to be loved and understood...so does he. Don't approach him only when you need something...honor him each day, many times, as often as you feel the thirst. Give him all the Glory. After all it's not about us...it's all about HIM. Once you get comfortable with a personal relationship, you will notice that you are constantly being led to the right book, tape, Bible or people. The more you follow Jesus, the more you will want to, need to, and finally realize that he has made you whole. Listen to Christian music. I have been blessed over and over by the lyrics of Christian music, it is a ministry in itself. I have witnessed miracles through prayer and not just believing, but knowing that Jesus will answer, always. He doesn't always answer in just the way you imagined...but in the way that is his will, and later you see that he was right...he always is. You will also be given tests, like an idea comes into your mind and you sort of ignore it, or don't feel comfortable, but he will not let up til you listen...this is him trying to teach you obediance(very hard for me) but everytime I have done his will, I have seen miracles. He always finds a way. Don't give up, keep seeking, praying and READ the Bible. Some of it you won't understand, put your hand over that passage and ask Jesus to help you understand...sooner or later a lightbulb will come on in the last place you expected. Listen to Jesus...Peace will come to you. Love, in Christ, Penny
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