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Message Subject Hello Christians and believers in the Truth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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See above two posts....very good advice.

Pray for wisdom (James Chp 1). The indwelling Holy Spirit will help you understand the Scriptures. This is also something King Solomon asked for......and it was pleasing to God.

Each day God give us the choice.......to either walk in the Spirit......or in the flesh.

You day will go smoother if you pray to God each day that He would fill you with the Holy Spirit......and that the Spirit wouuld take control of your thoughts, actions, feelings, etc.

When a person gives their life to Christ......they are immediately baptized in the Spirit......indwelt by the Spirit forever.

However.....there is evil in our flesh......and a constant battle between the Spirit and the flesh.

When you get involved in sin.......you quench the Spirit.

"Do not quench the Spirit." (1 Thess. 5:19)

Even a bad thought is a sin.....and the flesh can bring these on. We cannot in our own human strength control our thoughts......but the Spirit can. Therefore ask God each day to be filled with His Spirit......to walk in the Spirit.

See Romans Chp 7 about the evil in the flesh. Our physical bodies are in fact dead because of it.

"I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh." (Galatians 5: 16)
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