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Message Subject Hello Christians and believers in the Truth
Poster Handle Zerubbabel
Post Content
I have to laugh at all the "advice" you are getting and where to go to find "truth". I am a Seventh Day Adventist and have been for over 40 years. Although we are perhaps one of the very few denominations who really ARE "Sola Scriptura" (Bible alone for doctrinal truth), our church is in deep crisis right now--as are most other churches. Just remember one very important thing. The walk with the Lord is a progressive one. There is no ONE magic bullet to cure everybody's needs. I have gone to many churches to seek what it is that makes them what they are. Without exception, ALL of today's churches are under Satanic attack. Most would deny this, but when they put aside the plain teachings of Scripture for a "religious feeling", "fellowship", "gifts", etc; then they are placing themselves on Satan's ground and ripening themselves for deception and delusion.

The Scriptures are very personal. You may read it one day and get something specific to your needs. You may read the exact same passage at a later time, and you will receive what your need is for that particular time. This is the advice I give to many who are seeking to "speak" with God:

Go to a safe and secure place that you are comfortable with and pray to the FATHER in Jesus's name. Lay out to Him what is in your heart. Ask questions that you need answers to and ask Him what is preventing you from having a complete experience in Christ. This is what is referred to as "a prayer closet". Pray to the Lord in secret, and He will answer you "openly". After this sincere prayer, open up the Scriptures ANYWHERE and expect the Lord to speak to you (via His word) CLEARLY as to what you are and where you are at in your walk. What is needed on your part is to be open to what He is saying--even if it is reaming you a new.... THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO SEE AND HEAR. Once you have admitted that this is, indeed, "who you are", this is what is called true repentence. Only the Lord can bring you to repentence. Only the Lord can bring you to prayer. Only the Lord can forgive your sin. Only the Lord can show you that HE truly IS.

Once your "doubts" are behind you (doubts about self as well as about God), then you will begin to "grow" in Christ. Few people can hide this new light that they are receiving. They 'HAVE TO' share it. Be prepared to see that many (if not most) do not have this experience. Those who find it, not one thing in life is worth losing it. Non angels, nor powers, nor principalities will be able to separate you from your God. You really DO become a new creature. The "old man" that you were will constantly seek to reestablish its old position in the heart, but you must greet it with a "this sayeth the Lord."

Once you have established this relationship with God, you will see Him and hear Him everywhere. The Scriptures tell us that His VOICE will follow us everywhere and tell us which way to turn. This is an AUDIBLE voice, but it is a "still small voice" that you must be trying hard to hear. This is not a "litmus test" such as having to "speak in tongues" in order to be considered "saved". This is life and death. Only HE can lead you to life. All other ways lead only to death. There really is only ONE WAY. It's up to you to find it. There are many blessings promised to those who seek it and find it "with every power on the stretch". Benchwarmers who think that they have "made it" will find that He will say to them: "Depart frm Me, I never knew you."
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