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Message Subject I am a Rosicrucian. I spend my days watching the Nobody through my crystal ball. Help me get a life.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I just saw The Hunger Games. This reminded me of the elite in that movie, with their virtual reality game theatre, manipulating their oppressed victims and watching it on TV ( their crystal ball). This was their entertainment, but also a reinforcement of their power over the districts, by terrifying them into obedience with the prospect of being selected for the games. They were parasites on the districts and in the minority, like today's elite. In order to HAVE a life, the parasites need numbers of victims far greater than their own number. They take far more than they need. Our own planet has become like this, with half the world spying on the other half and manipulating them horribly, all for the benefit of a few hidden ones who live lives of unimaginable privilege.
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