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Message Subject Man sentenced to jail for making fun of girl.
Poster Handle truth
Post Content
and the fact the little girl teased his 9-year-old son, Joseph, whois also disabled w/seizures complications as well, doesnot make a dent on anyone's hardened brain right here at godlike.

Notice they made the little, Christian boy's name public, but not the little witch's name. The out and out persecution of Christians, here in The United States Of America, has begun full-steam, Palestine/”Israel” style.

The father tried to protect his son from the wretchedly grotesque, bullying, little girl, without involving the courts, but the stupid, fat, ugly-as-sin mother wasted our nanny-courts time and money, and no one ever made the disgusting, little girl apologize to the sweet, little boy.

So, basically, both here and there, you can see there is no hope for man. Man is just too stupid to stay alive, well and happy. I really do feel sorry for my Father; little wonder He invented DEATH and HELL.

Further more that wasnot “Sharia” law, as someone here lied against the Christian man and his son; it was Talmud law as seen here:
[link to www.angelfire.com]

Truth will set you free John 8:32
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