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Message Subject Man sentenced to jail for making fun of girl.
Poster Handle Ralph--a house dog
Post Content
He was sentenced for disorderly conduct and misdemeanor menacing.

Fix your thread title..putin
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11360402

Just because theres fancy words for the fact that people are overly entitled to not being offended doesn't make them more justified. If words can land you in jail are we really free? As a grown man he's now gonna be a month short on bills, and such, have to explain to his work if they let him keep his job why he was gone, or he could get fired and have a permanent record. The girl is probably so fucking gone in the brain she'd never recognize the dude again or even remember this.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12948908

While I don't condone bullying for one second, I think a more effective and perhaps just sentence might have been to make him spend time in jail on his days off (this is often done in traffic offenses) and a community service requirement performing many hours of onerous chores such as cleaning toilets, mopping up excrement and vomit, etc. Also sensitivity training classes and community service working in a state run facility for the disabled.

Also mandatory counseling for all parties involved.
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