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United States
11/30/2012 07:26 AM
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2 doctors and my own dire desire to cure myself and the knowledge about mold poisoning saved me . Look up ergot for starters.
My Dr's who saved me. 2 separate about 300 miles or so apart with exact same recommendations. Dr G. Ordog and ND Walter Crinnion.
You will find outrageous slander about Ordog. Why because he is arch enemy of insurance agencies and the AMA who don't want to acknowledge mold poisoning as a neurotoxin that can kill you! Why do they slam Dr Ordog why do they want him shut down and tried to revoke his license, because he helped his patients get millions! That they rightfully deserve! He protested with Bianca Jaegar and Alana Hamilton ( George's wife) who were both victims of mold poisoning and have tried to protest to make people more aware of the dangers of mold. See also Ed McMann's story (from Johnny Carson tonight show) Yes he Ordog charged me 2k but he gave me the list that saved me and 4-5 hours of his uninterrupted time in treating me. ND Walter Crinnion about 3 mos later gave me same list for much less but I'm not complaining because both were vital to my healing and understanding what I was up against - toxic enchephalitis due to chemical/ environmental exposure.
The slander from Forbes on him-Dr Ordog is to protect big pharma Doctors and hospitals from being sued for misdiagnosis and mistreatment. IMHO dig on his story because asshats like Forbes and quack watch don't know shit about mold. Dr Ordog quote to me UCLA (who almost killed me by mistreatment and misdiagnosis) "UCLA doesn't know jack shit about mold poisoning" and I can second that from my own case.o
Also realize mold is a deadly neurotoxin - one of the things that can be used to make bioterrorism warfare! Read reports mold may be in chemtrails (speculative but valid) Forbes doesn't give a crap about living human beings - they care about corporations CEO's, big pharma , and big govt spending. Chinese have known the dangers of mold centuries before there was there even was an AMA or alopathic drs for that matter.
Ok I've ranted enough but hopefully helped some out there.
See moldgoddess.com Women changing laws in California on mold and landlord responsibility. Look up Ordog and dig for deeper story about him trying to be permanently disbarred.
surviving mold.com I just recently found but looks like good info sofar.
As soon as I find list I will post it.
Till then plenty of sunlight and dry !!! Saunas.

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United States
11/30/2012 07:57 AM
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Re: Mold

with all of the flooding after storms, leaking roofs and pipes, very serious.

good time to share this info, thanks OP.

Hope you are healed!
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United States
11/30/2012 08:26 AM

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Re: Mold
Thank You for posting this!!!!
I helped My Mom take care of her little sister ( My Auntee Fran) while she was very sick with a rare, blood and bone cancer that started in her bladder due to black mold. She was my favorite Aunt and since I live literally 3 min. From my parents farm...I was over there 23/7 for 4 months helping Mom take care of her. It was EXTREMELY HARD mentally, and emotionally to watch someone we loved so much suffer from such a severe poisoning of her body.
Her husband also died of cancer, from the same mold. He dedicated his body to The Ohio State University of science due to being the only longest living person with this extremely rare form of cancer.
We had no clue until only a cpl weeks before My Aunt passed away that she too had donated her body to science for the rare form of cancer.
I cannot stress enough the importance of this thread that OP has posted.
I thought I would be able to continue writing this, but it is just painful to remember what she lived through.
THANK YOU for taking time to make others aware OP!!!hf
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User ID: 11385073
United States
12/05/2012 05:23 PM
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Re: Mold
Your welcome and my heart goes out to you. Yes it's a nightmare.
With Katrina and now Sandy. I feel for you all