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Message Subject Protests Continue in Egypt after a Islamist-dominated panel rushed through a draft constitution
Poster Handle KoFFee_
Post Content
US President Barack Obama Behind Morsiís Power Grab In Egypt

In politics there are no accidents or coincidences

If you think that the recent power grab of Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi is happening in a vacuum or by mere happenstance, you are greatly fooling yourself. The move by Morsi to make himself Egyptís new Pharaoh is exactly what the plan has been all along since Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood started the Arab Spring.

Havenít you wondered why Obama, so vocal during the Gaza-Israeli conflict, is now as quiet as a Mosque Mouse? Not one word has he spoken against Morsiís coup. And he wonít until he is sure how it will all wind up.

We ask you to consider the following:

Back in the very beginning of the Ara Spring, Obama sided with the Muslim Brotherhood.
Obama put the muscle in place to assasinate Muammar Gaddhafi.
Obama did nothing to stop the Arab Spring as it spread across the Middle East.
Obama aided the Brotherhood in Yemen with airstirkes.
Obama convinces G8 to give Muslim Brotherhood $8 billion for Arab Spring.
The liberal media aided Obama by whole-heartedly embracing the Arab Spring.
After taking over Egypt, Obama then publicly declared the US-Muslim Brotherhood partnership.

Read more here:

[link to www.nowtheendbegins.com]
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