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Message Subject I see the numbers 33 and 333 every where can some one help me understand
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
For the past year I have been seeing the numbers 33 and 333 at least 10 to 20 times a day each day and sometimes more.

e.g, when i look at my phone, the clock my computer, when i stop at a traffic lights, number plates in front of me.often stopping in front of houses with 33. quite a lot of new friend s now have 33 in their phone numbers and so much more. Even when i made a mistake on booking a flight, when I rebooked the the flight the booking number ended in 33.

here's the thing, my numerology birth number adds up to 33

Am i going crazy or does this mean something other then just noticing a number. Would love to understand why i am focused on these numbers and if anyone could give me sincere advice.

 Quoting: Tarn336

you are not crazy, same thing happened to me months ago - the numbers 2, 22 and 222 all over the place, even people and objects were coming in pairs - you aren't insane - i'm not either - we are just aware of our surroundings - as in heightened awareness - perhaps towards an ascension of some kind
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