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Message Subject American Prosperity? GDP 31.8% in 2001- Down to 21.6% by 2011
Poster Handle mrclean
Post Content
Nothing new, we all know Bush crashed the economy. Obama has been continuing most of Bush's policies, along with a few new ones, but he is no-where near as destructive as Bush was.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22705145

This has been going on for decades. Obama is Bush on STEROIDS. He just has the MSM to hide his 'dirty little secrets' for him. Obama has involved the USA in more wars than any other nation in history....all in the name of 'promoting peace'.

If you still believe in the left/right paradigm, frankly, you need to study a bit more. It's like WWF wrestling, they 'pretend' to hate each other for the cameras than follow the EXACT SAME agendas.

The only losers are the people.
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