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Message Subject American Prosperity? GDP 31.8% in 2001- Down to 21.6% by 2011
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Nothing new, we all know Bush crashed the economy. Obama has been continuing most of Bush's policies, along with a few new ones, but he is no-where near as destructive as Bush was.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22705145

This has been going on for decades. Obama is Bush on STEROIDS. He just has the MSM to hide his 'dirty little secrets' for him. Obama has involved the USA in more wars than any other nation in history....all in the name of 'promoting peace'.

If you still believe in the left/right paradigm, frankly, you need to study a bit more. It's like WWF wrestling, they 'pretend' to hate each other for the cameras than follow the EXACT SAME agendas.

The only losers are the people.
 Quoting: mrclean

Obama is no worse than Bush, it's basically impossible to be worse than Bush.
As for Obama involving us in "wars", US Special Forces and Intelligence agents have been involved in nearly every major conflict since WW2, this is nothing new. The US Government injects these agents into these conflicts to insure that the interests of the USA is maintained, even in areas it shouldn't be.
The fact that you actually think we HAVEN'T been doing this is rather funny, the US will never let a conflict come and go without getting involved. Especially not in the resource rich-powder keg that is the middle east.
These are decisions the President doesn't even partake in, it's an automatic response our Military and Intelligence Agencies have adopted and will continue to use for many decades to come.

As for the "left/right paradigm comment, I can assure you I understand full well the games our political parties have been playing on the American people. The reason my comments have highlighted the destructive force Bush has been in the economy while, for all intents and purposes, ignoring Obamas hand in our ultimate demise, is because this is clearly a conservative forum. The Majority of posters on this website do buy into the left/right paradigm that you and I do not.
Had this been a Liberal website, and I had notice the major contributors to the thread were attacking Bush I would have gladly pointed out Obama's failings. However, I am not here to agree with others, I am here to help have people analyze their own political beliefs, not reaffirm their own suspicions of the "opposite" political party.
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