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Message Subject American Prosperity? GDP 31.8% in 2001- Down to 21.6% by 2011
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The scarier version of this number is that:

The Fed is the largest buyer of treasuries.

This is the number we get while printing money and running deficits.

This is a number created by a rigged stock market consisting of high frequency trading, buying our own treasuries, buying our own mortgage backed securities, and Quantitative easing to infinity.

Between the years of 2008 and 2010 the Federal Reserve lent spent or borrowed 16 trillion dollars, and still the decline.

This number is with the United States having trillions and trillions of derivatives! More than the worlds GDP

This number is with a country that use to have the worlds reserve currency!

This number is with the big banks paying nothing in taxes, and all the corporations exempt from Obamacare.

This number would be negative if the real economic horror were to be seen.

This is the number where we were all supposedly going to be saved by keeping General Motors, and all the Big banks by bailing them all out!

Do you presume to question the great and powerful Federal Reserve?

 Quoting: GodFrequency

Strangely, the dollar operates as a "Triffen Good" meaning the world has a high demand for the dollar to meet trade settlements, as global trade increases so does the demand for dollars overseas. However, US Corporations have been able to manufacture a seeming increase in profits over the past 4 years or so as the fed tries to devalue the dollar against other currencies, which makes their profits measured in foreign currencies appear to increase.

So as the fed works to devalue the dollar other countries have a higher demand for dollars to settle trade, its a paradox.

These are all accounting gimmicks, our whole eCONomy runs on gimmicks now, eventually gimmicks will lose their appeal and then we can start addressing the real problems like adults, most likely when the world switches over to some other unit of account for trade settlements, bills of credit.
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