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Message Subject Modern wheat a "perfect, chronic poison...created by genetic research" contains NEW protein which works as an opiate!
Poster Handle pink cat
Post Content

if anyone knows of a supply to gets seeds let me know.
 Quoting: pink cat

also, i am pinning this because it would be great to see a discussion about how the media works with the food manufactures (cargill) and how they get you to stop buying one thing to buy another.

they always have a new "superfood"
and they always have a new "this is terrible for you" and "this is better" thing.

i say follow your instinct. your body will tell you what it wants.
for instance, i always instinctually knew that margarine was worse than butter.

and then there is the eggs are bad , eggs are good, no they are worse than cigarettes, no they are great thing.

personally, i think eggs are a "super food"

also RAW MILK is a "superfood" and that is the one they want you to know about the VERY least. which is why it is illegal to even sell any in most places. they do raids on the amish for selling pure whole fresh milk.

i think we should be able to decide what goes in our bodies.
and make choices about what to eat.

so the milk thing really gets me pissed.
i've never had the opportunity to buy fresh whole milk that has not been treated and i feel angry that i cannot get it if i want to.

people get really riled when you start talking about food. it's amazingly personal and political. a lot like talking about hair. hair is another weird thing that people are adamant about "how it should be"

and nothing will start an argument faster than talking about food. i've learned that since being on the internet since 1995. it's pretty crazy topic.

i am fascinated by the personal and political way we treat food.

but we should, because "you are what you eat" this is absolutely true.

the way they are controlling the food supply right now makes me so angry i cannot even express it.

i'm not completely sold on the idea that ALL genetically modified anything is bad for you, however.

crossbreeding things...fine....but going right in and changing the dna structure of things seems to be playing a blind god.

what we need to do is start LISTENING to our bodies.
our bodies will tell us what is good or bad for us.

and there is no "one size fits all" diet for everyone.

i wish people would get that.

everyone of us has different needs. so while a raw vegan diet might be awesome for someone, a paleo diet is equally awesome for a different body type.

look into aryvedic medicine.
it's the most sensible one i have come across.

in it we all have 3 "doshas" vata, pitta, kapha. and balancing these 3 things is absolute key.

i know there is an eat for your blood type diet. i looked at that and it did not ring true for me.

but the aryvedic one did make complete and total sense.

some foods that are bad for some people are really good for others and vice versa.

there is really no "bad food", there really, in the end, is not eating in a balanced or sensible way.

the most IMPORTANT lesson tho on eating, imo, is to give thanks for what you have.
the mindset you have AS you are eating is complete and utter key to how your body processes food.

for instance, do not eat when you are angry.

and give thanks for whatever it is you have.

because everything is ENERGY , in the end. all is one, and a person who eats a twinkie with gratefulness and mindfullness will live a longer happier healthier life than a person who is constantly worried about poison and becoming obsessed with juicing and fasting and purging.

in the end, "there is no spoon" is what i am saying.

so, eat with gratefulness and without anger and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. it knows exactly what it needs.

ok, that's my "rant" :)
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