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Message Subject Modern wheat a "perfect, chronic poison...created by genetic research" contains NEW protein which works as an opiate!
Poster Handle samanthasunflower
Post Content
I sprout all wheat for 3 days before using it in food, and seem to be free with the negative side effects of wheat flour, which I am familiar with.

The chickens seem almost "addicted" to sprouted wheat though and prefer it over a lot of other things they eat.
 Quoting: ehecatl

Have you made sprouted wheat bread? I have been thinking about trying it but just haven't gotten around to it yet.
 Quoting: Laura Bow

When wheat sprouts it turns starches into sugars and probably the proteins change too, although I am not sure how this affects the protein written about in this thread.

Anyhow, you can sprout wheat by first soaking overnight, and then rinsing with water twice a day for about three days to where it is just starting to sprout.

Put that through a wheat grinder and it makes a sticky paste, mix in a little salt and bake in a dutch oven (cast iron pot with lid) at a very low temperature for about 3 hours, and you will get a naturally sweet bread that is very delicious.

They sell this as Essene Bread at some health food stores in the US I think, although the Essenes baked their bread on rocks heated by the desert sun.

You can add some raisins or seeds to make the mix more interesting, but just plain sprouted wheat berries and a little salt is delicious as it is.
 Quoting: ehecatl

This sounds good, though wouldn't it make a mess in the wheat grinder? I'd probably use a food processor or blender.
 Quoting: Laura Bow

I've read that you are supposed to sprout it, and then dehydrate it in a food dryer or oven set on low. When it's dry, then you grind it.

Good luck.
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