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Message Subject Modern wheat a "perfect, chronic poison...created by genetic research" contains NEW protein which works as an opiate!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Per article, people who stop eating wheat are losing lots of weight and are shedding major health problems.
 Quoting: LisaDiane

Very true. I accidentally discovered this summer that I was allergic when I didn't eat wheat for a few days and all the sudden realized I had more energy. I tracked my diet and discovered it was the wheat. I did some research and realized it was slowly killing me. My son was blood-tested for allergies as a kid and was allergic to wheat, barley, rye (the gluten grains). It is genetic but nobody bothered to tell me. Actually, 30% of European descent people have the gene to be negatively affected to some degree by wheat.

In the early days with the older varieties it wasn't so bad but this new hybrid is some poisonous stuff.

I lost 40 lbs just by cutting out the wheat and adding more fresh fruits/vegetables. I wasn't dieting - still eating meats, fats, lots of nuts and things. I probably ate more calories but still lost the weight. Early days I lost a lot and then it really slowed down to just a trickle - like a pound or 1/2 lb a week. This has been since the end of June (5 months). I have slipped and eaten wheat this fall some and my weight started to go back on - very interesting. The holidays really suck for that. I have to go back to cutting it out.

The thing is, if you crave sweets, you are probably affected. If you are near-sighted you are probably affected. If you suffer night-blindness you are probably affected. If you have a fatty liver, type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome you are probably affected. If you have asthma you might be affected. You might be affected if you are either very thin or overweight.
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