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Message Subject Saw a huge Chemtrail next to the moon last night around 4am in St.louis ..?
Poster Handle YOUCITY
Post Content
I'm near enough to St. Louis - the sky was cool last night. First saw a big wide white contrail going almost vertical at about 6:30 PM - the moon was covered with a bit of haze - but it was fairly bright. I've seen night trails before - but last night was exceptional. Saw many more trails - more horizontal looking - at around 9 PM. Then at about 3 AM I looked out my window - I could not see the moon as it was too high in the sky to see without going outside - but it was very bright outside - with the most intense moonshadows I've ever noticed.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24747405

What you saw in the evening sounds like what I saw. Did it stray off its vertical path towards the end , to the right a little , and was it kind of wavy or swirlly inside and not solid , but fairly wide ?
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