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Message Subject Roanoke VA: Chem Trail or Clean Moisture
Poster Handle cantsay
Post Content
hey, i too saw all these chem trails too in roanoke i just now got a chance to search this on the internet ...then i thought i hardly think im the only one who noticed this. wow these thing were all over the sky that morning the it was soo bad that you almost thought it was partly cloudy but after a second look i though wait no clouds these are all chem trails but what i then noticed was what realy started to freek me out. they were all going either straight up or straight down not like an airplane. We have an airport but these were in the wrong direction...i then looked again as i was returning home from work and noticed an object going straight up with a large chem trail behind...straight up...and out of the direction or the airport ...it was dusk so i could still see it.
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