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Message Subject If 6 million jews died... Where are the bodies?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I did the math on this and it's plausable. I'm not saying it happened, but it's plausable.... the math goes something like this....

200 body per day quota x
23 main camps (source wikipedia [link to en.wikipedia.org]
365 days x
5 yrs (40-45 approx)

If I've done my math correct this comes to 8.39 Million.

So easily with the range of the amount suspected dead. Also they burned the bodies so there would be no trance. It goes up in smoke, all that's left is ashes which they put in the near by streams and rivers. Again i don't believe history books so I'm not saying it's correct but the math seems to work out ok.
 Quoting: Rtruth

The crematoriums, especially the ones at Auschwitz were not large enough to handle the body count capacity that people claim.

Also, the crematoriums were located above the so called gas chamber, meaning the bodies had to be slowly loaded onto a small elevator before they could then be put into the ovens on the upper floor. Very innefficient design!

It takes roughly an hour or more for one body to be fully cremated. Take into account that the nazis supposedly stuffed multiple bodies into ovens that weren't meant to handle multiple bodies, so the cremation process would have taken even longer to burn the extra bodies. The ovens themselves would have continuously broken down under the strain and misuse.

When you add science to the picture, the holocaust claims begin to seem grossly exagerrated, if not entirely fraudulent.

Unfortunately, scientists and researchers are mostly forbidden from doing proper investigation on this subject because of "holocaust denial laws". What a fantastic way to keep a myth alive....prevent anyone from doing scientific research on the subject.
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