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Subject Camp Minden (Louisiana) area EVACUATED!!!
Poster Handle Texas2012
Post Content
Doyline residents are preparing to evacuate Friday while millions of pounds of M6 propellant are removed from Camp Minden over the

The evacuation notice comes just days after Louisiana State Police found a million pounds of improperly stored M6 propellant powder on the property leased by Explo Systems, Inc., located at Camp Minden. "Ya'll are the closest thing to this unsecure product, that is why we are advising ya'll and you need to leave," says Webster Parish Gary Sexton. Hazmat crews will work over the weekend to secure the hazardous product in bunkers located on the property at Camp Minden.

If residents choose not to evacuate, they will be allowed back and forth across city lines but will be asked to show I.D. at check points. Also, all residents will be asked not to drive or walk within the city limits after dark. Officials say at this point there is not a way for residents to be reimbursed for any expenses related to the evacuation unless they choose to take legal action against Explo Systems, Inc. "There's a million pounds of stuff right here," says long time Doyline resident Roger Walker. "If it went off now it would get us all right…would you want to stay here tonight?"
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