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Message Subject Thinking about getting a Hound Dog
Poster Handle Miggy
Post Content
OP,I've worked with many breeds throughout the years and I truly believe hounds are the best!

Personally, I have always owned Dachshunds but if I could own several more I've always longed for a Basset, a Beagle, and a Coon.

If you want a good laugh over the weekend, go out and rent the movie, "Best in Show".

It's a "mocumentary" that stars a beautiful Coon Hound.

Incidentally, one of the best qualities of the hound is their extreme sensitivity to smell.

There are many documented stories of a hound alerting it's owner to cancer cells in the body long before that person or it's doctor ever thought to check.

I've seen it happen myself. It's amazing.
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