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Subject Chemtrail patterns Create Freemason Logo in Sky along with Checkered patters for MILES, something big is about to go down..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yesterday while working outside I was enjoying my break to look up and See one one or two airplanes going at it but a TOTAL OF 10 DIFFERENT airplanes Fly in dam near perfect sync making the FREE MASON Idol1 Sign in the sky Minus the "G"

After they Completed the Giant symbol the Planes went in perfect sync to make a MASSIVE chemtrail net (checker styled)

Its ridiculous how Big of a Slap in the face that was if anyone even had a hint of understanding symbols they would have been appaled.

The symbol was done with 4 airplanes while the cheker patter was done by the 4 plus like 6+ more its hard to count the ones that are barly seeable when they are so high up onlything you can go by is the fucking trails...
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