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Message Subject STOP IT! You are creating the worst possible future for all of us in this timeline!
Poster Handle Kissplash
Post Content
Dear OP. I can understand you are trying to help these people understand that we manifest our own doom and gloom but you are speaking to walls. they can not affect your own reality. If they want to wallow in it, let them. It will not affect you unless you allow it. When I read the posts on here or hear bad news via my hubby on the state of the world I just say, this is not my reality. This is going to change very soon. It WILL change once the dimensions split apart again. Right now they are very meshed. This is why we see things happening one week...then again the next week or month. If you worry, if you fear, if you don't believe you are more than what history has told us we are then you get to stick around for the fireworks in the 3D universe. For some nothing will change. For some, a whole new way of living will come about. This is why media is so full of doom and war and bad finances and corruption. They want you to stick around for what is power without someone to lord it over? Do not watch the news. Do not read the horror the media feeds you. Don't watch horror movies or read horror novels. Fill your spirit with inspirational music and laughter. Here's a hug. hugshf Everything will be alright...you just have to let it happen.
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