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Message Subject If we are working our asses off, and then our money is going to black folks who don't work...
Poster Handle andawg221
Post Content

That would show some whites would rather be racist than have government aid.

If you are poor, you vote Obama! Simple as that, was romney gonna help poor people?
 Quoting: andawg221

Way to try and reverse everything backwards.

If 93% of blacks vote for OBAMA....that makes WHITEY the racist???? wtf smlaugh birdflip

norespect kookbird iqmeter
 Quoting: Burt Gummer

No, if I'm a poor white person and I vote for romney because I don't want to vote for a black guy, I'm racist and stupid.

The point is if you are poor your vote should of went to Obama, cause romney wasn't about to do shit for poor people.
 Quoting: andawg221

Two HUGE untrue assertions....none based on FACT....and one entirely on wornout tired old racist bullshit.

We all know who the real racist is.
...and it has been proven time and time again over the last 4 years.

whitey :nutsummit:
 Quoting: Burt Gummer

I'm talking simple politics. Not racism, but if you are poor and voted romney you are stupid.

5a hiding iamwith rant bump

Please stop it with all these!
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