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Message Subject If we are working our asses off, and then our money is going to black folks who don't work...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I truly believe that our Federal government is distracting us from the larger plans that they've been imposing, steadily stripping us of our Civil Rights.
They distract us from the reality of passing Federal bans on marriage laws- gay marriage laws to be precise. What right has the Federal government to determine who we can or cannot marry? Shouldn't this be a state by state law decision, decided by the people of the state? We are the United States of America, held together by the Bill of Rights and the inalienable rights of our Constitution.
They distract us from the illegal trade business by focusing on unworkable immigration laws (the antithesis of the purpose of our country) and drug trafficking, while ignoring the fact that our own U.S. citizens are being bought and sold against their will, our sisters and daughters, mothers and aunts, mere children more often than not.
We focus on the cost of food stamps and ignore the uneducated, filthy children who are starving in the streets.
We focus on the cost of healthcare, but ignore that our government is allowing the food industry to poison our children, make them fat and dependent on the Healthcare industry.

We focus on the illegality of the healthcare mandate, which is stealing money from our wallets, and ignore the fact that we are entirely dependent on the Auto and Home owners insurance policies, which pay out 1/16th of what was paid in.

Our government may not have been able to make EVERYONE dependent on it, but it has made sure that its hands are in our pockets through the lobbyists who pay them off to force us into paying them for services they aren't rendering.
 Quoting: *Aurora*

you all are not addressing the real issue. The fact that this country was taken over by the Communist welfare state cronies who along with the military industrial complex have made currency worthless while incomes have not risen enough to keep up. Combine that along with the Marxist concepts being pumped into the heads of children since the 50's and we have a society of people who don't know how to think, much less work smart.

We are all victims of it...
 Quoting: acegotflows

I agree with this. cool2
 Quoting: *Aurora*

it's true. You see how they use labels and such to get people to not think of how big the issue is. At this point it encompasses every aspect of our daily. Down to our thoughts. Unless you take the time to really study to understand what is being said and shown, you can't see how we are all victims. Stop being a victim. Re-evaluate what you feel is important. Be honest, most of us know hardly anything about anything. Given the disinfo and not fake concepts we have been taught, we can all verify our "feelings" somehow. Doesn't make it true. The disinfo agents are even believing their own lies now.

 Quoting: acegotflows

Not to pimp my own thread, but I discuss this at length here:

Thread: Slavery in America Ignored to Crackdown on Drug War
 Quoting: *Aurora*

I think I did this right...got a quote from thread to post here.
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