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Drought threatens to close Mississippi to barges

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United States
11/30/2012 12:26 PM
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Drought threatens to close Mississippi to barges
Only other threads I found on this topic were back in August. Thought the updated info would be of interest to everyone. Looks like the water level is getting critically low and transport of goods will be nearly impossible within a week or 2!

[link to news.msn.com]

A group of experts said Thursday that the worst U.S. drought in decades has intensified sharply over the last week in the Mississippi River area.

The river depth is 15 to 20 feet less than normal, now about 13 feet deep in many places. If it dips to around 9 feet, rock pinnacles at two locations make it difficult, if not impossible, for barges to pass. Hydrologists for the National Weather Service predict the Mississippi will reach the 9-foot mark by Dec. 9.

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