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Burglary behind murder of Iranian Jewish woman: Lawmaker

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 28790081
11/30/2012 01:56 PM
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Burglary behind murder of Iranian Jewish woman: Lawmaker
Iranian Jewish lawmaker Siamak Mareh-Sedq says burglary is behind the murder of a 57-year-old Jewish woman in the central city of Isfahan, Press TV reports.

In an exclusive interview, Mareh-Sedq rejected as “ridiculous” the claims by certain media outlets that “she was killed because she refused to vacate her house in order to expand the building of a neighboring mosque.”

A number of Western and Israeli media outlets have claimed in recent days that the woman, who owned a house near a mosque, “filed a complaint about the demands. Shortly afterwards, extremist thugs came to her house and murdered her.”

The media outlets also claim that the incident “has caused much consternation and fear in the remnants of a Jewish community that still remain in Iran.”

Mareh-Sedq said he personally attended the funeral procession of the murdered Jewish woman reportedly called Tuba N.

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[link to www.presstv.ir]

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