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company opening soon to save souls

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 21926154
United States
11/30/2012 03:33 PM
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company opening soon to save souls
A for profit corporation will be open for business soon.

This corporation has created a working physics model for manipulating matter in a form people would call 'time travel'

This corporation will be developing this technology for public use

However, to raise money and public awareness, this corporation will be selling soul-insurance policies.

How do soul-insurance policies work?

This corporation will keep a record of all of the people with soul insurance policies. Upon completion and satisfactory testing of the time travel technology, the corporation will use the temporal gateway to look back through time to the point where policy holders died, and retrieve their consciousness into the future.

Why at the point of death?

Because people's memories are made of physical matter. Interfering with timelines in a way that can be seen would have a physical impact on people's health and well-being in the future.

So this corporation must 'work in mysterious ways'.

By saving only a high vibration ghost of a person's consciousness, the person's body can be left in the past, while their soul can be saved into a future of their liking.

So why should you sign up for soul-insurance? Is it right for you?

After creating the working physics model it became apparent that not only are other 'corporations' presently working on this time travel technology, but that the universe is filled with entities and societies that possess this technology.

When you sign with our corporation, not only will you be saving your consciousness from turning into dirt, but we will also actively protect your consciousness from being taken up by a non-human or negative group who might want your soul for torture, experimentation, food, or information.

In addition, once imported into our future, we can discuss options for saving your loved ones as well, who might have passed before you, or who did not sign a contract with anyone.

But won't my church or govt save my soul if time travel technology exists in the future?

No. Most of the high level organizations running the churches and govts of this space-time nexus Earth 2012, are already aware of time travel technology. They are simply hoarding it for themselves. So if you belong to a religion that simply wants you to have 'faith,' without explaining the science behind spirituality, you are more than likely being used.

So what are you waiting for?


User ID: 2317943
United States
11/30/2012 04:24 PM
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Re: company opening soon to save souls
Reminds me of vanilla sky