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Message Subject Fulfilled Prophecy: Evidence for the Reliability of the Bible
Poster Handle TheSeventhGate
Post Content
Here's a weird test....

Take two books. One a regular book of some nature. The second the bible. What you do is you read one and see how it makes you feel. Maybe even hold it close to your heart. Then do that with the bible. I believe you feel a noticable difference with the bible. If it was any regular book then it wouldn't draw out such an emotional response in the reader, which it tends to often do. What I'm driving at is this, your gut, your 6th sense tells you whats' true and what's not. If you tap into that and use that on the bible to determine if it's real it will tell you. And the answer is yes it is all real! It has all the answer to the creation of the universe and what it's all about. So you don't have to guess any longer.
 Quoting: Rtruth

Amen. We know intuitively that it is the inspired word of God.
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