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Message Subject ALERT ALERT!!!
Poster Handle Trinity Mountain
Post Content
What part of get out of Louisianna doesn't everybody get.

Those salt caverns have been used for all sorts of stuff for years. Can you Imagine how many there are....!

Three months ago I mentioned that they were moving the oil reserves and or using them up. You don't use your RESERVES. They are there for a rainy day or oil embargo or war. You don't use or move them UNLESS YOU HAVE TOO.

Do you think now that there just might be somthing too the EAST COAST BEING UNSTABLE. Thats there's somthing too the EXPERT NEW MADRID SEISMIC GUY in the area and at the sinkhole.

The East Coast is also a target for all the naughty stuff stored there. Can you imagine what they have moved already.

This they could not hide because of the shear volume and size and logistics of it. They will put all this stuff into a secured underground storage facility where it can't be got too or blown or stolen.

I have been beating a drum and telling everybody to get out of dodge for mnths. Can you see the writeing on the wall yet.

Time to go right now. RIGHT NOW................!
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