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Message Subject This is Huge: 25,920 Minutes from December 3, 2012, 11:11am to December 21, 2012, 11:11am.((THE TIME HAS COME)))
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
timing is everything

the spiritual storyboard of the firmament is detailing the ongoing unveiling of truth, as the heavenly host of stellar affirmations show their infinite, unwaivering respect to the true force of the power and Nature of He who designates All

as they proceed forward in conjunction with ongoing end time events, they make clear acquiescence to the hand that set each in their place in accord with His Omniscient, Pre-eminent, Willful design

as do all things perceived within the known/unknown they deepen the mystery, all the while solemnly illustrating the perfect symmetry of poetry in motion, whereby they signify their singular purpose in so doing with reference to that which they honor ceaselessly in full accord with the Absolute, without repentence

the miniscule Earth is set apart from all else in the vast infinance of "space" in every possible way, as are the inhabitants thereon, entirely at the mercy of the hand that facilitates All

the earth moves forward toward her divine assignation and ordained arrival at the center of the galaxy, where she will take her place at the feet of the Pre-imminent Transcendant, kneeling in absolute transparence awaiting full measure of censure apportioned thereto

She knows which end is up and exactly what time it is, regardless of her superflous inhabitants

She's more than happy, nay honored in full, to escort humanity to the receipt of their due
 Quoting: huge indeed... 28769709

So amazing. Yes the earth is set apart from all else in the cosmos as evidenced by His Son taking His place in humanity and in the crucible of time being raised up on the cross and laying down His life to save His children of mercy and defeat the powers of darkness by His Own sacrifice. In so doing it testifies to all creation the Spirit of the goodness, righteousness, justice, mercy, love and wisdom of the Creator. it was in the act of letting evil have it's day that He triumphed over evil that challenged His authority over what He has made.

thank you for an amazing read.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28863688

you are so very welcome

; )
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