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Message Subject This is Huge: 25,920 Minutes from December 3, 2012, 11:11am to December 21, 2012, 11:11am.((THE TIME HAS COME)))
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I prediect when nothing happens that people will say SOMETHING happened but it was in the spiritual world. It can't be SHOWN to you - but it DID happen.

This is what failed prophets always say. Something happened but it was in a different world of enlightenment.

They can't prove or disprove anything. They simply say that we have arrived at a new era.

CRAP in other words.

We shall see. I think most of us know EXACTLY what is coming over the next 20 days - absolutely nothing.

The normal crap we always experience.

There will be some sun spots
There will be some solar activity
There will be some earthquakes
A tornado will hit someone
A volcano here or there my puff a little

Same old same old - nothing new - same disasters that happen all the time.

Israel will kill someone
Iran will get mad
Palestinians will bitch about something
Economies will continue to crumble - as they have for years

Woohoo - big freakin deal.

Nobody cares about this stuff. If you can't predict something specific then stop predicting doom.

There is normal doom each and every week.

Saying "something" will happen - does not cut it.

Specifics! Bring them to the table.

Tell us what is going to happen. EXACTLY what is going to happen.

That is what I thought - nothing at all.

We will all be here on December 22nd and the fools will once again be shown as fools. This time they will be bigger fools than usual.

On to the next BIG date. When is it? We need to start threads about it. As soon as possible!
 Quoting: endoftimes101

 Quoting: <<TIMEWATCHER>>

No it isn't.

Failed prophets are a dime a dozen.

Will SOMETHING happen on December 3rd?

YES - it will. SOMETHING happens every single day. Quakes happen every single day. Disaster strikes the world every single day.

WHAT is going to happen? Tell us specifics.

Saying IT starts on December 3rd is like saying IT will rain somewhere tomorrow.

Series of events? Events happen every single day. Events have been going on since the dawn of man.

Someone will die - someone will die in a car crash - a plane crash - a boat will sink. A bomb will explode. Egypt will have riots. Israel will be unstable. Iran will make threats. I predict that will happen on December 3rd

Will I be right?

lol Sure I will
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