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Message Subject This is Huge: 25,920 Minutes from December 3, 2012, 11:11am to December 21, 2012, 11:11am.((THE TIME HAS COME)))
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I notice three types of negative posters here, Those who demand specifics, those who insult the OP and those who try to debunk. In each case, I detect a real sense of fear and trepidation about what may occur in the very near future. What we can and should all agree on, is that something VERY significant is about to happen. We may be in for a wild ride. I personally feel that it is almost certain that we must face destruction first, in order to cleanse and renew. To restore natural order. We may not all survive this destruction, but maybe many of us will. We will all need to meet our fate with the strength of warriors. If one does not survive, I truly feel that death is NOT the end! For those who do survive, it may be a wonderful new beginning! Go with the flow people! And much love to each of you!hf
 Quoting: KwittyKwitty

No. The majority does not believe that - nor should they. How many freakin end of the world predictions must we endure?

NOTHING - will happen on the 21st. Nothing. Those who thought it would will be check marked as fools. Believing in some stupid supposed prophecy - which doesn't even exist.

Please don't be so stupid as to believe anything is going to change for any of you.

The world will continue down the wicked path of war and killing each other. Religions will continue to beat each other into the ground.

Nothing new.

Will death come on the 21st? Yes - death comes each and every day for many many people. So does life. Life arrives each and every day. Just like death.

You will see. Nothing is coming on the 3rd - nothing is coming on the 21st. Nothing but foolishness to the 10th order.

Stop believing those who are mocking and laughing at you by posting this crap. They are laughing behind your back. Trust me.

All games - pure and simple.

See if they will sell you all of the belongings - property. Give you all of their money - give you everything. They won't need it. Right? The world is ending. See if you can get them to agree to give you everything they own.

No takers?

Didn't think so!
 Quoting: endoftimes101

Well, you are free to choose your way and believe what you wish, as is each of us. As for laughing at me behind my back, well I simply do not care. I am a strong person, with strong convictions and an open mind, who is not perturbed or disturbed by what others think, say or feel about me. That being said, don't you think you should change your member name?
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