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Message Subject This is Huge: 25,920 Minutes from December 3, 2012, 11:11am to December 21, 2012, 11:11am.((THE TIME HAS COME)))
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
no matter when the appointed days are or what all that entails we have already passed judgment on ourselves and declared the situation hopeless. by killing innocent children by abortion both by force and by choice we have sided with the wickedness that decrees humanity is not worth saving. we completely deny the existence and authority of the Creator when we kill innocent children before they can be born and break all His commandments by doing so. it is the height of wickedness and devil worship.

so what else is possible at this point. the world has agreed together that individuals are not worthy of life. when we approve of the killing of the most harmless and pure of those living we declare that no lives are worth saving. That is not the heart of the Creator or His Son Who considered lives so precious that He gave His own to save those who would believe. innocent bloodshed has consequences both in the physical and spiritual realms. humanity is not saved by killing those who are unwanted. the opposite is true.

so we force His hand and He knew the day would come when wickedness would blossom to it's full extent of destruction. we bring it on ourselves. yes the times have always been in His hands and the days were assigned from eternity past, but He is proved just and righteous in whatever comes next because we have allowed the evil to progress to the point where nothing else is possible and an end must be put to it.

seek His mercy for He wants to be merciful to all those who with broken hearts recognize and admit our rebellion against His goodness. His heart is to save and always has been but humanity chooses to bring on His righteous judgment instead of His endless grace and love. seek His love and forgiveness for what we have done.
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