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Message Subject This is Huge: 25,920 Minutes from December 3, 2012, 11:11am to December 21, 2012, 11:11am.((THE TIME HAS COME)))
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
while evil was having it's full expression in crucifying the Author of Life, the Creator's Love was having it's full expression by saving man through His Son's sacrifice. From the earliest Scriptures given there was no other way.

the Law was an agreement between Father and Son, that if any Man fully kept the law that He would never die. Because of YAHSHUA's full obedience to the Law death had no claim on Him but He would not have fully obeyed the law till He took His last breath.

The Law is Love, to Love YAH above all and Love your neighbor as yourself. There was no one else who could save man from our fallen state except the perfect Son of YAH. To do so YAHSHUA had to fully obey the law by laying down His life for His neighbors who could not save themselves. So it was when He took His last breath and gave up the Spirit that He had fully obeyed the Law of Love, both for His Father Who asked Him to do this to save man, and also for His neighbor who could not save themselves.

Scripture testifies to this and proves it true. Because of His perfect obedience in obeying the Law and becoming Salvation for mankind the Father raised Him from the dead in accordance with the promise of the Law that if any Man kept the Law death had no claim on Him. YAHSHUA is the Man and He defeated the powers of darkness that wanted to destroy Him. His complete obedience to His Father's Love for others was fulfilled when YAHSHUA allowed His life to be taken to save us in obedience to the Law of Love.
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