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Message Subject Introduce Yourself GLP!! **UPDATED!! Questionnaire 2 **
Poster Handle wisc_natureboy
Post Content
Short Questionnaire Template

1. Whats up with your GLP username?
Seemed more appropriate than "New York City Girl"

2. How did you find GLP?
Zetatalk, when Kent was still with us.

3. What do you do when not on GLP?
Play outside; canoe rivers, camp, archery, shooting, hike, read,
oh yeah- I have to work every now and again-IT consulting and college instructor.

4. Why do you keep coming back to GLP?
Looking for my babies Mama. LoL.

5. Super-power?(optional)
I can vibrate my fingers at about 360 Hz.

6. Favorite GLP Emoticon?
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