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Message Subject Introduce Yourself GLP!! **UPDATED!! Questionnaire 2 **
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I still don't know many people on GLP and I want some buddies! hf

Short Questionnaire Template

1. Whats up with your GLP username?
If I were an alchemist....

2. How did you find GLP?
I was researching Anunnaki and stumbled across this thread Thread: Anunnaki, Nibiru, Brown Dwarfs, and Gravitational Time Dilation

3. What do you do when not on GLP?
Research Research Party Research

4. Why do you keep coming back to GLP?

5. Super-power?(optional)
Teleportation!! I'll be the best Fandango Ranger!

6. Favorite GLP Emoticon?
 Quoting: Issius Ulmonus

1. it's the eye in i and i
also a hidden meaning.

2. i was seeking truth(lol)

3. survive.

4. see 3.

5. see 1

6. ohappy
never fails to make me smile.
dunno why; guess he's just so
happy looking, wagging his thinker.

 Quoting: Horus 19949961

Nice man, i'm a fan of thoth myself tounge

And ughhh every time I see that emoticon it's like he is taunting me ha ha.
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