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Message Subject Introduce Yourself GLP!! **UPDATED!! Questionnaire 2 **
Poster Handle Johnny B. Good
Post Content
1. Whats up with your GLP username?
I'm look very young for my age; I'm in college and people still think I'm 13 years old. My closest friends in highschool considered me their collaborative child, and I became their daughter named Johnny.Its just a nickname filled with good memories :]

2. How did you find GLP?
I was bored one night and couldnt sleep so I went web surfing and came across GLP. I thought that it might be entertaining. :]

3. What do you do when not on GLP?
Life...study, school, read, etc.

4. Why do you keep coming back to GLP?
It turned out to be very entertaining. :]

5. Super-power?(optional)
I'm pretty good at reading minds and figuring out what people are thinking and feeling.
(I would like to be able to fly and shoot lasers out of my eyes ^.^)

6. Favorite GLP Emoticon?

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