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Message Subject Introduce Yourself GLP!! **UPDATED!! Questionnaire 2 **
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
1. The Dude Abides, love the dude, love his lifestyle, i wish i could write a check for .69 and feel alright about it

2. Ive had an undeniable sense of doom since about the age 12, at which time i KNEW the world will change come 12/21/12, which inevitably led me to another known conspriacy website of which the name i will not mention, and whilst browsing said website i found it to be filled with propaganda and outlandish claims, which in my mind were lowering the satus of a reasonable questioning "conspiracy theroist" to that of a nutcase. anyway read an interesting thread cant remember what topic but there was a link for godlike and there i went, and here i stay.

3. i have a very high intrest in motorsport, as well as baseball and since i neither have the funds or the skills to drive a racecar or play professinal baseball i resort to creating a likness to myself and use a gaming console to "distract" myself from the fact my ultimate life goals are unobtainable

4. I keep coming back because GLP in my eyes is the leader in world news, not from the opinions of the rothchilds and the Vaderbuilts. but from the people of the WORLD. i do not desire the opinions of the highest bidder. GLP is the opinions of EVERYONE, i love it

5. easy, you will all change your mind after reading this....my super power easily would be the power to refill. think about that...

6. 5a
 Quoting: TheDudeAbides

"I keep coming back because GLP in my eyes is the leader in world news.."

LOL REFILL banana2
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