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Message Subject What proof is there that the moon landing is a hoax
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thread is idiotic, whatever science achievment has to be verified and not the other way around, if conviniently NASA SAID TAPES WERE 'LOST" it's like CERN saying "we lost the particle accelerator". Lunar rocks could be caught on earth the same way they found Martian rocks or devices without any manned-trip. NASA photos of the moon and rovers left on the moon are ridiculous knowing what we can photograph far away and in colors with big resolution images.
It's very convenient only USA WENT THERE. Russia wouldn't dare to tell the truth because THEIR STORY is even worst with promotional photos of Gagarin indicating a time gap, with the helmet with USSR logo or without it, with his deformed eyebrow (due to an accident)and normal eyebrow, with fake photos with "vanishing" astronauts, with device landing on snow or green valley, with towers without rocketships, with ship always changing shapes in the photos, with photos resembling drawings, with stupid reports about the way he died, with the data about the things he said he saw not matching with he should've had seen, things nobody knows in USA focused too much in Apollo Freemason trip. Better start checking the astronauts who died and their families. Then watch Capricorn One by the same film director of 2010 Space Odyssey
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