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The real Mayans

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User ID: 875736
United States
11/30/2012 08:44 PM
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The real Mayans
Were a mix of black and arab.
They were dumped on the shores of southern SA
off slaver ships, from shipwrecks in storms.

They pillaged, raped and ransacked indigenous peoples,
and burned their way north while breeding just like
they do now, without family structure, haphazardly
and with multiple partners.

They established villages of stick and straw and lived
naked, in the dirt, except where they could
move into the stone and and tile habitations of the
peoples they killed and ate.

Yes they were cannibals and learned how to bust off
the facia of existing sculpture of the indigenous
people, and form their own images with limestone, on
top of the original artwork and history.

As they moved north, they kidnapped indigenous people
hiding in the forests from their savagery, hauled them
to the tops of the pyramids built by others, tore out
their hearts and drank the blood in roaring ritual
while rabble cheered below.

They were superstitious, into voodoo, having no concept
of the real God any Christian would recognize.

Eventually, most of them perished from drought, with
few escapees into the north, where they were met by
the ancestors of the American Indian, who warred against
them and their atrocities. A few were left in the
mato grosso brazil, and soon multiplied into the mixed
black population that is there now, by interbreeding with
the Spaniards.

The original indigenous peoples of the Americas,
who had science, mathematics, observatories, prophesy,
and who built the great cities of stone, and vast farms
were related in no way to the parasitic and savage, Mayan.

It is hilarious to find continual references to the
Mayan as seers of the future, as they could barely handle
subsistance farming despite the irrigated acres they took
over and allowed to run to rack and ruin, and were best
at ritual murder.

Look back further, if you want to know actual prophesy
about your future. Take a step deeper into history.
The Mayan myth is a load of imaginative crap from the globalists
who twist what they can't hide, and lie, lie, lie to turn
everyone they can from the truth.

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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 28098900
United States
11/30/2012 08:47 PM
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Re: The real Mayans
The only imaginative crap around here is your post OP
hapless moran

User ID: 1130234
United States
11/30/2012 08:57 PM
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Re: The real Mayans
Op, your grasp of the Maya is truly astounding,this sheds new light on the so-called anthropological and historical record. Who knew the Maya ranged as far south as Brasil and that there were blacks in Brasil prior to the arrival of Portuguese slavers.

My hat is off to you bro.Good solid scholarship like this should give GLP more credibility in the MSM.
free your inner baboon.