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Message Subject Union or No Union?
Poster Handle itsamadmadworld
Post Content
So let's hear it GLP, would you want to have a unionized job or not? What are you pros and cons?

Personally I think we need them otherwise the slavery will only continue. Do you remember how unions got started? The old sit down at the Ford plant? How many workers worked day on end for nothing? And the reason they did it? Unfair and it's as simple as that.

Now I see lots of people today complaining and saying screw unions etc? Well I say it's as good as it is bad as both sides can corrupt. As the major corporations have to pay the employees fair wages and not to become greedy, as do the unions. So for the fact that unions exist, they share the same problem with the company itself. Too much control can kill either side. Why isn't there a revenue share between both parties similar to sport leagues. So here's a big shocker, make it 50/50 and then decide how operating costs etc were also to be shared.

I'm a union worker now (3 months), and I must say it's great. I was not unionized in any other job in my life and was treated like a dog many times. I would have to say I still think we need unions, and probably now more than ever. So for all of you that don't have a union job, enjoy your minimum wage, your long tired thankless hours. I for one am done with non-unions.

Also, this isn't about economy etc, it's about the fair treatment for the hours and labour at hand.
 Quoting: Tellus 28492103

Unions, 2012 = THUGS . . .

They are looking out for the "upper" ranks, NOT the membership.

They TAKE the dues of the hard-working, decent members and do NOTHING for them when their rights are violated.

But they WILL fight for the rights of the lowest of the low because the companies AND the union want the obedient sheeple as they are most easily manipulated.

When the union fights for them and insures they remain on the job, the sheeple are then so indebted, they will be good soldiers and do as they are told, with infinite loyalty to the good ol' union.

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