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Message Subject Union or No Union?
Poster Handle TSWB21
Post Content
I bet most of the people in the US who own homes (cept those entitled by ill gotten wealth system of slavery and corporate share cropping slave system) have a union to thank for helping them realize the American dream....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22065826

HUD housing is unconstitutional by case law based on equal protection.

Basically the case law states: If you use state or federal moneys you have to give everyone the same opportunity under the laws.

Opportunity is not allowed in the u.s government Because it is a bias word. The State has can not be bias in any manor.

Thus if the state gives to one it must give to all.

Laws and regulation can not be bias, thus bias based on income,race, etc is unconstitutional.

If a laws says you only have opportunity if you make under so much money. Or you have opportunity because you are a certain race . Then the law is junk.
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