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Need a new govmint. Neva gonna get one

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 21926154
United States
11/30/2012 09:47 PM
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Need a new govmint. Neva gonna get one
Authority = the people with the guns

Government = members of society who ratify laws. Laws are rules enforced by the authority.

State = The corporation consisting of members of the 'govt' and any people directly in its employ.

In America, the armed and informed population was the Authority. We basically pay a govt to organize our society and make decisions for us.

The beauty of America was that if the government did a bad job, instead of having to violently oust them, we could simply vote in a different government.

The republican and democratic 'parties' are basically supposed to be different corporations vying for the job.

Now however, it is obvious that the system has been broken because there has been a monopoly. No third party can get a foot in edgewise.

And an even worse problem is that Americans are no longer the AUTHORITY. The American population is simply too stupid and disarmed to ever FIRE a government.

So what happens in situations like this?

Should the people spontaneously rise up? Should you go buy a shotgun and threaten politicians or bankers? Should people storm the Pentagon?

And then what...?

Historically, only a 'govt' has been able to replace another govt.

That is what 'rebels' really are. When a tyrannical govt monopolizes a society, the only way another govt can offer their services is illegaly.

A rebel govt is simply another government, basically saying, "Hey. We will do a better job, society."

So you guys wanna know why there is absolutely no hope for us? No possibility fixing things? Do you hear talk of a rebel govt? A resistance?

Hell no.

And random bickerings and postings by individuals is absolutely and completely useless.